e x p a n d y o u r t e a m w i t h o r e n d a


We are all here to do a job and do it incredibly well.

Integrating seamlessly into  existing Event Production Companies and DMC’s and be a part of their expanding team for individual events.  

So, if your client expands the project outline 

call Orenda Events & Services to jump in and join your team for as little or as long as you need. 

Anything from 6-12week out advance planning to being boots on the ground on event day. We’re here to help. 

We fold skill and experience into the existing team and augment event services.  Orenda can become a part of your team and be:

YOUR Event Coordinator        

(20yrs experience!)

YOUR Budget Manager

(Finance Departments LOVE us!)


 Logistics Manager 

(Being a Master of Detail is fun for some!)


Human Delineator! 

(Seriously, we've done that A LOT)


Rendering Officer

 (BOH Operations Maps especially)


Timeline Coordinator

(so many forget how crucial this is, not us!)


Vendor Manager

(AV, Lighting, Catering, Florists, Designers... we've worked with them all !)

All your client sees is 


doing a stellar job!! 

Cool right? Contact Us!