Accessing a Venue


Orenda can be your boots on the ground and review venues to ensure they are the right fit  for your event.

Pre-Event Coordination


In today's marketplace, having access to experience with flexibility AND gaining long-term dedication to your business goals is why we are here.

We can be/join your event team 6 months, 6 weeks or 6 hours out.

Supplemental Crew



Short on people power? 

Not any more.

We can design your staffing plan and help fill the roles needed to execute a flawless event.

Course Maps & Venue Layouts


We build Operational layouts/maps designed to provide clear and accurate instruction to your Event Build-Out Team about what goes where.

Inventory Distribution & Event Build


Equipment transport, Installation and On-Site Inventory Management is one of our many specialties.

We're here to Help!


Orenda Events & Services  has always served as a support service to event production companies and gladly steps in to supplement overall event services to clients across multiple sectors and regions.  No task is too big or too small!

Monitoring & Metrics


Monitoring the pre-event chatter can help  you manage expectations leading up to the event.  During and after, it can be a great source of customer feedback.  We manage, monitor and provide metrics.