Here to take care of all the infinite details carefully interwoven to weave the fabric of your great event

….. building project timelines that always work

….. keeping budgets in line 

..... organizational skills that epitomize efficiency and effectiveness

….. vendor collaboration and management (Venues, AV, F&B, location layout, warehousing, transport, security, safety, sponsorship, staffing…..) .

Then,  arriving on site to ensure everything is executed to plan.  

No project too big or too small.    

O R EN D A  E V E N T S   &   S E R V I C E S  

is all about providing a compliment of event support services that contributes to an events success whether it be through direct contact with our clients or working with an existing event management team to deliver excellent results for their clients. 

If your business or event needs a little extra support  please reach out, 

We are here to help.